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> Hey all, I'm having an issue that I can't seem to figure out what is
> wrong.  It seems my system will makedns all day and night for the
> subnets that are actually on the admin node (ie - eth0 on admin is
> 10.1.1.X and that subnet will get made in DNS; eth1 on admin is 10.2.1.X
> and the subnet will get made in DNS.  However my compute nodes are past
> a router (not the 10. subnets) and since my admin node does not have a
> eth on the compute node subnet, makedns will NOT work, even though I can
> ping the nodes, ssh to the compute nodes, etc, makedns will not build
> the named tables for that subnet.

We have this for not-directly-connected networks which seems to work for
us (at least the addresses on them are in DNS!).

root@imgr:~# lsdef -t network infiniband
Object name: infiniband
    usercomment=Infiniband network

Hope that helps!
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