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Simply "Credit" as a top level feature isn't very descriptive.  Can you
see about working scheduler somewhere into the name?

> @@ -0,0 +1,99 @@
> +% Credit
> +% Revision 1
> +
> +\clearpage
> +
> +# Basics
> +---------------- ----------------------------------------------------
> +         Status: e.g. **Supported**
> +
> +Architecture(s): e.g. x86, arm
> +
> +      Component: e.g. Hypervisor
> +---------------- ----------------------------------------------------

You should drop the e.g.'s.  In cases like this where it really is just
a software algorithm, I would suggest setting the architecture to all,
or omitting the line entirely.  I would expect that any new architecture
is going gain all the schedulers without modification?

> +
> +# Overview
> +
> +Credit (also known as Credit1) is the default virtual CPU (vCPU) scheduler
> +of the Xen hypervisor. The job of an hypervisor's scheduler is to decide,
> +among all the various vCPUs of the various virtual machines, which ones
> +should execute on the host's physical CPUs (pCPUs), at any given point in
> +time.

A lot of this is generic to all schedulers.

I wonder whether it might be better to have a schedulers meta-feature
doc which deals with the common scheduler parts, including interactions
on the Xen command line, xl, etc.

> +
> +# User details
> +
> +Xen supports multiple schedulers. As said, Credit is the default, so it
> +is used automatically, unless the `sched=$SCHED` (with `$SCHED` different
> +than `credit`) parameter is passed to Xen via the bootloader.
> +
> +Once the system is live, for creating a cpupool with Credit as its
> +scheduler, either compile a cpupool configuration file, as described
> +in `docs/man/xlcpupool.cfg.pod.5` (and as exemplified in
> +`tools/examples/cpupool`), or use just `xl` directly:

I should see about ensuring that cross-references work with the
HTML-generated versions of these docs.  You might be able to get away
with just putting in a plain hyperlink here.


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