> On 8. Feb 2018, at 18:24, Wei Liu <wei.l...@citrix.com> wrote:
> Christian, do you have any idea when you can look into fixing the
> safe-string patch?

Sorry, I can’t make a promise because of my other obligations. I do wonder, 
though: this patch did not come out of nowhere but supposedly was working - 
what is different here?

In any case, I will reproduce the problem and take a look.

The patch was doing the right thing for the future but there is no harm not 
having it right away. The entire XenServer toolstack is facing the same problem 
of moving to immutable strings and so far we have done it where it was easy and 
moved to use upstream libraries that use immutable string. In our own code, 
this is still a massive task.

— Christian
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