I should report to the list some of issues we have been having with memory when using xen, it's dom0 and another partition. The first problem is that by default dom0 only has 64M and that there is no way to change this other that changing xen (the fix is easy enough). 64M is too little to run the compiler and build the tools. The second problem is that when we change xen to give dom0 128M dom0 we do not have enough memory to make another partition even though the machine has 512M. This is a bug that Jimi is currently looking into (I think).

So the current state of things for us developing an OS on xen is that we boot with 128M, build and save the tools, then re-boot with 64M and run the OS. Of course, we do not have to rebuild the tools all the time while we rebuild the OS quite a few times. There is an effort, related to our larger project, to use an nfsroot for xen. This almost works, but in 64M run out of memory quickly. There being no paging space with this configuration when the kernel has no more space it crashes. Ideally we would like at least 128M on dom0 and the ability to make another partition of 64M or 128M.

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