On Aug 25, 2006, at 3:00 PM, Hollis Blanchard wrote:

On Fri, 2006-08-25 at 14:18 -0400, Maria Butrico wrote:
I should report to the list some of issues we have been having with
memory when using xen, it's dom0 and another partition.

The first problem is that by default dom0 only has 64M and that there is no way to change this other that changing xen (the fix is easy enough).
64M is too little to run the compiler and build the tools.

64M is plenty. I've never suffered from any memory issues while building the tools.

You don't need to run a compiler in dom0. I don't...

Funny, I do so I can "$ make install-tools" in my Dom0.
Hollis, how do you install your tools?
Do the cross build yet?


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