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Thanks to David who put matched xen tools in the xen/linux image, which
solves the problem of memory configuration.

Thats good.

I still can not set IP address from dhcp. For convenience, I post the
configuration file here (See attached file: hao_edi_config); ifconfig
output of dom0 after 'xend' started: (See attached file: ifconfig.out) ; and error message : "Error: Device 0 (vif) could not be connected. Backend
device not found."

I wonder if there is other environment setting we need to follow ? lib
path, command path ?

this just works in my local disk environment and I'm pretty sure othe local disk environments work as well.
Hollis, Tony are you able to create domain that have net access?

I have to say that this Linux/XM device config is not really my current expertise, someone has to figure it out and know it. I'll try when I get some time unless someone else get to it first, until then please be our expert :)

This may be a good question for <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> proper.


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