Last time we saw this it had to do with building optimized and the linker script simplification I attempted, so we were actually missing bits.
before you do anything, try a clean build.

Another possibility is some corruption, you may want to debug what the boot_of_allocator is reserving.

BTW: my JS21, JS2XFW6331, is quite happy.

On Feb 6, 2007, at 6:58 PM, Jerone Young wrote:

So cloning the Xen tree as of today .. you can no longer bootup Xen :-).
Here is the output on a JS21

The currently active flashside is: 1 (temporary)
Stopping BMC watchdog...
Trying to load: sync_console debug || root=/dev/sda3 debug from:
net ...

 Bootloader 1.5
  Reading MAC address from device: 00:14:5E:9C:1C:C5
  Requesting IP address via BOOTP:
  Requesting file "leaf4" via TFTP
  Receiving data: ####A#######A|
  TFTP: Received leaf4 (65359 KBytes)
  Successfully loaded
OF: Xen/PPC version 3.0-unstable ([EMAIL PROTECTED]) (gcc version
4.1.0 (SUSE Linux)) Tue Feb  6 17:18:51 CST 2007
boot_of_init args: 0x0 0x0 0xe11027c 0xe28bed2 0x2a
boot msr: 0x1000000000003000
boot_of_init: _start 00000000004000d0 _end 00000000042b0310 0xe28bed2
boot_of_alloc_init: pg :0x2000 of our image is different


I'll be looking into this in the morning. But just an FYI to everybody.

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