On 02/02/2011 05:43 PM, M A Young wrote:
> I have builds of a new dom0 kernel (2.6.38-0.rc3.git0.1.xendom0.fc15) at
> http://koji.fedoraproject.org/koji/taskinfo?taskID=2755802 and xen 
> (4.1.0-0.1.rc3.fc14) at 
> http://koji.fedoraproject.org/koji/taskinfo?taskID=2753907
> You may need one or both of the following hacks
> Edit /etc/init.d/xenstored replacing the line
> XENSTORED_PID="/var/run/xenstore.pid"
> with
> XENSTORED_PID="/var/run/xenstored.pid"
> (I didn't notice they had changed the name of this file until after I 
> tested the xen packages)
> Edit /etc/sysconfig/modules/xen.modules to remove xen-netback from the 
> list of modules in the for loop then add
> modprobe xen-netback netback_kthread=1
> to the end of the file. The xen-netback module in xen/next-2.6.38 when I 
> built the kernel still needed some work and setting this value makes it 
> less likely to throw up backtraces if you try to use it.
>       Michael Young

First blush (no domUs yet)
- dom0 boots with >2GB RAM
- dom0 boots with encrypted root partition.
- CPU frequency scaling /doesn't/ work (Intel Core2Duo P9400)
- There seems to be a UI lag somewhere. Windows and key-presses seem to
occasionally "stall" (<1 sec at worst). Not serious, and possibly my

All in all, this is the first 2.6.37+ dom0 that even booted using the
xen hypervisor. That makes it, for me, a huge improvement. :D I'll try
provisioning a couple domUs for further testing.

Thanks for the hard work, it really is appreciated!

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