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> > Ok, so, should we be concerned? Is there something we can/should do
> > about that? How do you think we can help in having xen being considered?
> First the Linux kernel running under EFI has to actually boot (with Xen
> hypervisor).  It doesn't do that yet and the upstream kernel would
> need patches for that.
Yes, I can imagine there are technical challenges and open issues, but
(although, of course, I might be wrong), that is not what scares me
most... I really think there are good enough "brains" working on
them! :-)

What I wanted to know here is whether or not there already are plans to
include the xen binaries in that signing game, so that Fedora users can
still `yum install xen -- reboot --start playing' as it is happening
now, and, more important, if that is not the case what we can do to help

Is the fact that Fedora release guidelines include Xen  _guest_ support
but not full _host_ functionalities going to be an issue if/when we
decide to try influencing this
http://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Features/SecureBoot ?

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