30.10.2012 23:42, M A Young kirjoitti:
On Tue, 30 Oct 2012, Marko Ristola wrote:

I don't have a bugzilla report item from this yet, maybe later.

I have now Xen Dom0 Fedora 17 configuration, no experimental packages.
Desktop computer is rather new and supports hardware virtualization, but not 

Test: Install paravirtual 64 bit Xen guest, Fedora 17 with HTTP based install.

- With Virt-manager installing went flawlessly.
- After reboot, I got in Finnish with a graphical picture: "Voi ei! Jotain meni 
This means "Oh no, something got wrong."
So it seems that GDM doesn't work with Xen with default virt-manager settings.

It could be https://bugzilla.redhat.com/show_bug.cgi?id=810040
try removing the fprintd package (plus fprintd-pam I think for dependencies)

- I can make Login screen by switching from GDM to KDM. Mouse works there:
/etc/sysconfig/desktop: DISPLAYMANAGER=KDE
- From KDM I can start Gnome. Mouse works but Mouse cursor is invisible.
- If I start, via KDM, IceWM, mouse works and is visible.

I don't know if Fedora 18 will have this issue too.
It would be nice if Fedora as Dom0 would just work for Fedora Xen DomU
with default options. Maybe plain AbsoluteAxis for paravirtual mouse
would be the best option, no relative axis enabled by default?
Maybe co-operation with Gnome people is needed to finish this issue?

I see the invisible cursor as well, though I have never got around to raising a 
bug for it for some reason. It seems to be peculiar to gnome (and not gnome on 
ubuntu 10.0.4), for example the cursor is shown on text screens before gnome 

     Michael Young

yum remove fprintd fprintd-pam removed the "Gnome oops".
Now in both GDM and Gnome cursor works, but is invisible.

I think fprintd problem is just a side effect. I think that
Xen folks have already reported the problem.

Underlying problem might be related with this Bugzilla issue:

According to that Bugzilla entry, Xen PV mouse should advertice itself
only as delivering Absolute events. It should not advertice or deliver relative 
Then Xen PV driver could be made to work with XOrg evdev events.

Why the Oops comes on GDM with fprintd?

It seems related with following on my Xorg.0.log:
"182.117] (**) Xen Virtual Pointer: Applying InputClass "Xen Virtual Pointer axis 

Maybe blacklisting or similar issue is detected or done some way deep within 
GDM, I don't know where:
/var/log/messages: Oct 31 18:20:02 f17xen dbus-daemon[538]: ** (fprintd:1096): 
WARNING **: fprint i
nit failed with error -99

The Xen PV mouse driver behaviour would better to get fixed.
I don't know how many Fedora users have an active IOMMU: hardware IOMMU would
allow using a real mouse device after hacking.
Fedora Xen would benefit if virt-manager DomU install would work out of the box.

Marko Ristola

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