I have read through the XenMan documentation but still have some questions regarding the Image Store. The documentation lists the components as "kernel, ramdisk, bootloader, other params" however no "image" parameter is present. What I would like to do is to have a complete template filesystem ( i.e. DebianServer.tar.gz, FedoraCore5.tar.gz, etc.) to use for new domU installs. During an install, the new LVM disk would be created, then the selected template filesystem untar'd & unzipped onto it. Can complete filesystem images be used in this way?

Also, in this scenario it would be useful to be able to specify the domU's IP address and host name at setup time and have these copied over to the new install via some per image template configs (i.e. for Debian, be able to define template files such as interfaces.cfg and hostname.cfg that would be updated with the specified ip and hostname info then copied other to the new domU's filesystem (interfaces.cfg copied to /etc/network/interfaces, and hostname.cfg copied to /etc/hostname).

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