I have the following installed:

  - CentOS 5.1 + CentOS "Virtualization" packages
  - Xen 3.2 CentOS/RHEL RPM from <www.xen.org>
  - gtk2-2.10.4-19.el5, pygtk2-2.10.1-8.el5 (most up to date for the distro)
  - ConVirt 0.8.1

After installation of ConVirt, I have run the the following scripts, per
the "manual":

  /usr/share/convirt/patches/patch_paramiko' scripts.

I am able to start ConVirt OK, but whenever I try to do anything, I get
the following error running locally (as root):

  Exception: Unknown type (null)

The problem is the same with both the RPM and tarball versions.  I am also
not able to connect to the server from the ConVirt 0.8.1 client installed
on my Kubuntu laptop (using the tarball download); I get the following
error when I try to add the server:

  111, 'Connection refused'

I do not see port 8006 (or anything even mentioning 'xend') when I do a
'netstat' command (nor 'netstat -l')

I am thinking my problem may be one or more of the following:

  1.) Running Xen 3.2, which may not be supported yet (i.e., the
"configure-xend.sh" script for Xen 3.1 does not do what it needs to do
for Xen 3.2)  This may or may not also be the reason I cannot connect
from my laptop
  2.) CentOS 5.1 does not have the proper version of GTK libraries that
ConVirt needs to run

To eliminate possibility #1 (at least as far as the "Unknown type"
errors), I am planning to re-install CentOS 5.1 (I just did an install
earlier, so I am not losing any VMs or anything) and will use the CentOS
"virtualization" packages and will do the "api" adjustment in
'/etc/convirt.conf' as indicated in the manual.

A couple of questions, however:

  1.) When I use the CentOS 5.1 Xen packages and such, which
'configure-xend.sh' script do I use?  The one for 3.1 or 3.0?  I am
thinking 3.1, since that is what is apparently installed with CentOS
5.1, despite it saying that it's 3.0.3.
   2.) Is anyone running ConVirt 5.1 successfully on CentOS 5.1?

In the meantime, any additional advice or info you need, feel free to ask
and I will provide as best I can.


-Alan M.

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