Hi all, 

The announcement of the release draw my attention to convirt, so I
thought I had a go at it.
We have  8 xen-servers (3.2) and about a 100 DOM-U's, all of them
running several versions of OpenSUSE.

Eventhough I've installed ssh-keys on the appropiate machines, I still
got an:
[error 0], Agent authentication failure.
And when I disable the ssh-key-login option, and provide the proper
password I get:
[error 2], Bad authentication type.

Even as root-user, I cat start an ssh-session without any error or
On one of my test-nodes, lsof -I show it's  listening on 8000 and 8002
Changing the xend-port in the add-server window doesn't do any good.

If i enable both ssh-key and provide password and use 8000 and xend-port
i get:
<protocolError for kc0016:8000/RPC2: 404 Not Found>

Any suggestions?

Defensie/CDC/IVENT/Research en Innovation Centrum
Ing J. (Hans) Witvliet Systeembeheer, CAcert-assurer
T   0174-539053
Coldenhovelaan 1, 3155RC Maasland, kamer A109

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