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   could u please pass on the corresponding conivrt.log files for each
of the cases.
   I am assuming that the convirt-tool setup is run on the managed node,
right ?
  Also, while trying the agent authentication
     -- The while adding managed server, "use keys" check box is
    -- ConVirt is started from the shell after starting ssh-agent and
adding keys using ssh-add according to

  Btw, what version of Open SUSE are you running?  


        I'll try to answer your questions..
        We are only using XEN (both full and paravirtualized.
        All our DOM-0 are currently running openSUSE_11.0 (xen-3.2)
        (as soon as i sort out the changes starting the bridges, i'll
create XML-file for automagically creating dom-0's for openSUSE_11.1)
        DOM-U's are openSUSE_10.1, openSUSE_10.3, openSUSE_11.0
openSUSE_11.1, SLES_10, SLES_11
        convirt (0.9.6) is from: 
        This version doesn't have a convirt-tool, so i downloaded the
latest version.
        However, when i run it on my management-client convirture-tools
complains about missing a xen-kernel.
        As on the client no virtual machines are allowed to run, there's
no point of having a xen-kernel there.
        My client should only handle remote servers... (As depicted in
"getting started guide, page 9)
        Hope the logfile makes any sense to you..
        Kind regards, Hans

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