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Jan Kiszka kirjoitti:

Heikki Lindholm wrote:


Some recent changes (*cough* RTDM benchmark driver *cough*) broke kernel
mode benchmarking for ppc64. Previously klatency worked fine, but now
latency -t 1 crashes somewhere in xnpod_schedule. Jan, any pending
patches a comin'?

To get this clearly: You tested the old klatency(+front-end) on latest
xeno and it worked? Or does this parse "the old klatency worked over old
xeno on PPC64"?

Comparing the old test with the new framework, the major difference is
that the old one only knew a single kernel RT-task. Its front-end was
reading from a pipe and was therefore a pure linux program. Now we have
two RT-tasks, one is even a shadow, and they use RT-IPC. Not sure if
this really means that the bug must be in the benchmark suite...

Nope, it should work as it is. But as Stelian also reported problems on
his fresh ARM port with the in-kernel test, I cannot exclude that there
/might/ be a problem in the benchmark.

As I don't have any ppc64 hanging around somewhere, we will have to go
through this together. Things I would like to know:

Dammit, I hoped you'd whip up a fix just from me noting a problem. Well,
all right then, I'll play along...;)

o When and how does it crash? At start-up immediately? Or after a

I inserted some serial debug prints and it gets two passes to
eval_outer_loop done (enter/exit function). After that it freezes.
Without the debug printing it dies with kernel access of illegal memory
at xnpod_schedule, which btw. has been quite a common place to die.

o Are there any details / backtraces available with the crash?

Becaktrace limits to xnpod_schedule if I remember right.

o Does -t2 work?

Umm. Probably not. See below.

Arrgh, "probably" - when it's so easy to test...

Shoot! The "probably" operator was incorrect, "-t 2" did work.

-- hl

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