Thank you Jan and Philippe for pointing me that the changes is due to HAL portion. Now I know I don't need to worry about that and that I can use the new modules in a safe way without the need of rebooting the system.

Jan, actually the binary output is different, at least for the HAL portion... And thank you for the fast howto on svn. I appreciate it a lot. I think it will be much simpler to be up to date with xenomai trunk. :)

Thank you guys! Answering part of the Xenomai x RTLinux Jeff's question, one more reason to stay with Xenomai is the support we can get here from you. That is the best list support I've ever seen.

Best Regards,


Jan Kiszka escreveu:
Rodrigo Rosenfeld Rosas wrote:
Hi Philippe,

I disabled the kernel .config support, recompiled the kernel with latest ipipe patch and rebooted my system (Xenomai configured as a module).

Then I downloaded last svn Xenomai. Compiled it (after correcting drvlib.c of rtdm skin) and noted that it has changed the kernel bzImage too, besides building the modules. Although I can use the new Xenomai modules without rebooting my system, I can not understand why should bzImage change. Have you any idea?

Even if you turn on module support for all Xenomai components in the 2.1
series, there are still some bits (the HAL) being compiled directly into
kernel. So, any modification of headers etc. may trigger a recompilation
although the binary output will be the same.


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