Rodrigo Rosenfeld Rosas wrote:
> Hi Jan,
> I'm still concerned about the future of RTDM and timer functions. I think 
> there should be some function for starting the timer manually, since the 
> automatic feature don't work great for RTDM drivers.
> It is not nice to have to run the latency (or any other) program for starting 
> the timer before I can load my driver. And it is not suffice to run it once I 
> booted. After I open/close my rtdm device and reload my driver the problem 
> will occur again and I'll have to re-run the latency program.

Sorry I don't see the problem here.

# modprobe xeno_nucleus; cat /proc/xenomai/timer

# modprobe xeno_rtdm; cat /proc/xenomai/timer

So the timer is running right since when rtdm is loaded?!

And that simple heartbeat rtdm example on my rt-addon homepage now
cleanly runs even without any further helper to start some timer.

> Do you have any plans to correct this undesirable behaviour?
> I don't even have an idea why the timer stops once it is started... Actually 
> I'm not sure why does rtdm_clock_read should depend on the xenomai timer. At 
> least, I think there should be a note in the rtdm_clock_read documentation 
> stating that it only works after the timer has been started.
> Best Regards,
> Rodrigo.


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