Hi Jan, I liked your idea.

I'm finhishing a first version (very limited while conforming to V4L2) 
framegrabber driver using RTDM and could write about it, but since I cannot 
show the Data Translation specific code, I could not publish the driver 
source code in any site. But I can still write an idea about the driver if it 
is from interest. But I think, reading the articles on LinuxDevices, that the 
space is very limited and, from the moment, I think it is more appropriate to 
speak more generally about Xenomai. Cite RTDM as an advantage and you can 
even say that there are some real-time drivers built into it, like serial, 
framegrabber, etc.

Well, if you think I can contribute somehow, feel free to contact me.


Em Terça 14 Março 2006 07:28, Jan Kiszka escreveu:

>now that 2.1 is out and very likely also very stable, I feel like having
>to bring this topic up again: There should be more announcements of this
>project outside its own circle.
>When reading articles about proprietary real-time Linux variants now
>almost once a week on LinuxDevices, I always think that there should be
>at least once some statement about this powerful alternative. Moreover,
>there are certainly dozens of other forums for ringing the bells.
>We first need some concept what to present, then maybe a long version
>for forums that give us the space and a shorter one for the rest.
>Philippe recently posted interesting statements, comparing the Xenomai
>and the preemp-rt way - certainly good input. Every skin maintainer
>could contribute a paragraph. References to driver projects could be
>given. Short descriptions of ongoing projects would be nice, including
>commercial ones when possible. And so forth...
>Well, I would like to trigger this here, I may contribute a few lines
>from my focus, but I can't take over the overall organisation of the
>final writing. But I think that creating such an overview article here
>on this list could reduce the individual effort and would reflect best
>the strong community behind this project.
>Comments, suggestions, volunteers?

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