Em Segunda 20 Março 2006 12:23, Philippe Gerum escreveu:

>It's not a matter of dealing with users always doing The Right Thing,
>but preferably preventing people from doing the wrong one.

But we then have two problems and there are tradeoffs here. In one hand we 
want to avoid users from making mistakes. In the other hand we want to 
provide a way for solving the issue that generated this thread.

A solution for the last one would be to have a function that would return a 
high-precision timestamp, not necessarily in sync with xenomai's timer, since 
it would be used for relative time calculations, but should be in sync 
between multiple CPUs. But this solution would rise the possibility for a 
user to do a wrong thing. Of course, the functions should be well documented 
and states the lack of sync if it is the case. So, we have to choose between 
turning it possible to have such design (as the example I have last message) 
or avoid people from doing the wrong thing. I would choose the first case, 
since I think all rt-programmers are smarter (or should be) then the average 
programmer. They must have attention when dealing with rt-programming. So, 
reading a documentation and understanding it should not be a hard task for 
them... In the other hand, if the second approach was chosen, a user wanting 
to use a rt-video interface will be forced to use the aperiodic timer for 
having reliable timestamps...


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