Em Segunda 20 Março 2006 21:24, Jan Kiszka escreveu:
>You may want to have a look at this thread regarding poll/select and RT:

I tried to. Not found. But I didn't give up so quicky. It was missing the 
final 'l':

>Do video capturing applications tend to have to observe multiple
>channels asynchronously via a single thread? If so, my statement about
>how often poll/select is actually required in RT-applications may have
>to be reconsidered.

Actually, I don't see any reasonable reason for using select/poll in rt 
applications. But, while trying to keep the API similar to V4L2, I would 
implement them by IOCTL and think it is OK, since it was already done for 
MMAP/MUNMAP. I don't think it worths writing the poll/select rt like 

What could be discussed here is if it will be required or not to have those 
calls needed when using streaming (most designs will use streaming). I don't 
think it should be required as it is on V4L2, but could be implemented 
optionally, as IOCTL calls. But I would need to investigate more this topic. 
I'll do it tomorrow... I'm the last man in the lab and they are calling me 
out for closing the lab...

>Does your time allow to list the minimal generic services a RTDM video
>capturing driver has to provide in a similar fashion like the serial or
>the CAN profile? If it's mostly about copying existing Linux API specs,
>feel free to just reference them. But the differences should certainly
>fill up a RT-video (or so) profile, and that would be great!

I'll think about it and will answer tomorrow.



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