Hi all!

Here are some suggestions for the xenomai.org website:

* no redirect from xenomai.org to

* put "real-time framework for linux" into the page title

* add info why registering is cool and what benefits it
  will offer

* make the top-most xeno logo a link back to www.xenomai.org

* the house icon (top right) should also link to www.xenomai.org

* search icon (top right) should link to the xenomai.org search
  page (www.xenomai.org/index.php?option=com_search&Itemid=5)

* put up some general information about the project on the index
  page, which is visible all the time (incl. strong keywords, so
  people will find the xeno page when e.g. searching for
  "real time linux" etc.

These are just things that I'd change - just some hints to
enlarge the user experience and to drive more users to the site.

Best regards,

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