Jan Kiszka wrote:
Jim Cromie wrote:
soekris:/usr/xenomai/testsuite/switchtest# modprobe xeno_switchtest
[  160.221018] Xenomai: starting RTDM services.
soekris:/usr/xenomai/testsuite/switchtest# switch -n
soekris:/usr/xenomai/testsuite/switchtest# switch rtk0
cpu 0: 498
cpu 0: 998
cpu 0: 1498
cpu 0: 2000
cpu 0: 2496
cpu 0: 2998
cpu 0: 3498
cpu 0: 3998
cpu 0: 4500


This prog has been running for atleast 1/2 hr,
with minimum args..

what should it be doing ?

This is a regression test. You should see an error message or a system
crash if something goes wrong. The output above looks ok (number of
passed loops, kind of lifesign).

OK thanks.

FWIW, I noted that xeno-test is not running these:
- switchbench
- switchtest
- irqbench

Im not sure they belong in xeno-test though, since they dont
appear to produce output that shows good vs bad performance,
only an informal 'sanity' check.

And technically, dont regression tests have to yield
a PASS / FAIL decision ?  ;-)

Speaking more broadly, there are 3 possible kinds of test-progs

- regression tests
   PASS / FAIL - either by exit(rc),
      or by printf( "%s\n", rc ? "not-ok" : "ok")
      see perl's regression test suite ( 100k separate tests )
      usually test details, are not tutorial

- performance tests
   progs stress xenomai, print performance data
   should help see performance problems, expose bugs
   xeno-test aims to collect performance data
   performance data must be expressive
      (switchtest is perhaps insufficient here)

- examples / tutorials
ex: satch.c simple, clear progs (low feature clutter, etc)
   Id like to see all demo/**/ progs in single dir
      forex satch-native, satch-vxworks, etc ..
      makes for easier browsing
   simple makefile
      builds out-of-tree
      handles kernel-modules and user-progs
      (Ive seen some clean ones, cant find now.  Mine are crufty:-(
   'patterns' of usage
      IWBGreat if we had common usage patterns isolated,
      named, and described

Towards this last item, Ive done 2 things:

- poached code from Hannes Mayer :-)
   task-timers.c does periodic timer 3 ways:
      sleeper, waiter, alarm.

- scrounged old rtai/fusion code (ls -l says Jul 05 ;-)
   cleaned up, 1/2 compile now
   maybe theres examples-tutorials-patterns fodder in here.

attached tarball has these in 2 top-level dirs.
Id like to see if theres a place for them long-term, and clean
them up so theyre correct and helpful.



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