Jim Cromie wrote:
> Jan Kiszka wrote:
>> ...
>> So, how to proceed?
> <aside> wiki++ </>
> 1 file at a time - I suppose..
> I'll start by poaching Hannes' Makefile, bundling it into an examples/
> dir with
> my 3-way version of his timer programs.  Id like see the target files
> appear as 0 len files,
> ( presuming this necessary for svn diff to see code I drop in )
> Then we can discuss the more nuanced improvements /* adding tutorial,
> guidance */
> After that, its just step and repeat, tossing crap along the way.

Ok, to ease pushing things into folders, I would suggest creating this
structure in the root dir of trunk:


All stuff self-contained, i.e. one should simply cd to the folder type
make, maybe additionally providing some information on the xenomai
installation dir / kernel source path, and some binary pops up, ready to
run or insmod.

I would furthermore suggest to have some kind of hello-xenomai.c in
every skin example folder that is intended as the beginners tutorial,
providing an elementary framework to start hacking.

Reorganising the testsuites is another topic. I currently have no idea
how to sort things. We have some stuff under sim/skins/*/testsuite that
only builds for the simulator, there is src/testsuite, intended to be
distributed and installed on the target, and we may want to have a
larger testsuite that can be downloaded separately (my concern is also
about driver tests here). Anyone any ideas/comments on this?


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