Jan Kiszka wrote:
> the current representation of timeouts and timestamps in RTDM device
> profiles is inconsistent.

I would welcome a consistent time value representation above all RTDM 
profiles, too.

> In the serial profile we use [u]int64_t 
> directly, the CAN profile defines its own types called
> nanosecs_{abs|rel}_t (though they just wrap the int64 ones).
> What is the idea of nanosecs? Having a way to redefine that type looks
> nice, but it's unfortunately the ABI, so we cannot easily change it
> without breaking apps.

The possibility of redefinition was not the main goal here. As you mentioned 
it would be problematic. No, I introduced nanosecs_abs_t and nanosecs_rel_t 
because they are more intuitive and more "speaking" to the programmer. The 
meaning of a variable of such a type is clear at first sight.


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