Thomas Wiedemann wrote:
> Hi,
> setting "-I." in the compiler flags in scripts/
> messes up the include file search order of the compiler,
> and i can't see any good reason for it to be there.

I don't see any obvious reason as well. A quick test with our software
stack revealed no problems when removing it, but we should first wait
for further input on the original reason behind it (seems to date back
into fusion times...).

BTW, providing a patch, even if it's trivial, is always welcome in such

> the
> other flags except the xenomai include-path and the
> defines are questionable, too. At least "-Wall" and
> "-pipe" should be left to the programmer of the
> application.

Well, -Wall should be considered a reasonable policy to keep code clean.
Me feeling is that this switch is fairly appropriate, specifically for
real-time applications. But it can easily be relaxed by adding specific
-Wno-xxx after the Xenomai flags. And *that* should happen explicitly.

-pipe is an optimisation of the build process, something one may
discuss, though I don't see an immediate reason why it could fail in the
context of Xenomai applications (that should use the GNU toolchain anyway).


PS: sed 's/-I.//' applied on xeno-config output may meanwhile save your

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