> Hi all,
> I'm currently working on porting I-pipe to the ARM S3C24xx. The patch is
> attached, it must be applied after the shipped
> adeos-ipipe-2.6.15-arm-1.5-01.patch. Unfortunately, there is still a severe
> bug somewhere. I built Xenomai as modules. When I try to modprobe
> xeno_native, the system hangs. No reaction at all, inlcuding serial console
> and network access. I guess that interrupts are not handled any more. From
> what I see if I spread some debug printk() into my code, the timer starts
> working under the control of the Xenomai domain and one or two calls to the
> Linux timer interrupt handler are made. But after that nothing happens any
> more.
> As I try to find the bug for some days now but wasn't successful maybe the
> experts have any hints where to continue searching. Or perhaps there is
> someone who can test it and confirm or disprove my observation? It would be
> great to support one more ARM model.

Small update with new infos: After Xenomai has (re)started the system timer 
the Linux timer interrupt handler ist called only once, but 
xnintr_clock_handler() is called several thousand times. So it seems that the 
timer interrupt handler of Linux is not properly called or Xenomai is 
starving Linux.


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