Jan RĂ¼diger wrote:
> Hello
> Few months ago there was a discussion about disabling local apic in the
> kernel. The last point in this discussion was:
>> update:
>> Ingo Molnar has voiced strong preference that the config option remain,
>> citing 60kb growth in its removal.  So its probably safe for now ;-)
> Now i have the problem that i cant disable the X86_UP_APIC anymore when
> building the kernel 2.6.19. Normally this isn't a problem since it is


There is no "select X86_UP_APIC" in kbuild that would make this mandatory.

> disabled during boot (my machine doesn't have APIC). But xenomai is
> build with enabled APIC and thus refuses to run on the new kernel.
> Is there a way to disable APIC during kernel build? or can i build
> xenomai without APIC?

We are running Xenomai over 2.6.19 (and later) here, mostly on APIC-less
(or broken) boxes. There is no known issue.

I don't see why you shouldn't be able to switch "Local APIC support on
uniprocessors" off.


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