Robin Walser wrote:
>> Are you using RT-Socket-CAN? Could you please provide more detailed
>> information like what is the returned error code and are there kernel
>> log messages (visible with $ dmsg)?
>> Wolfgang.
> My programm based on frag-ip:

[Hmm, might be tricky to tell apart, but this is now an example for a
RTnet-specific question => rtnet-user list. If it wasn't, xenomai-help
would have been the preferred place for support requests.]

> I use RTnet. The returned error code is always -115 and I have no kernel
> log messages.
> I think, I'm only need a buffer status report. Is this available?

Are you sure it's 115? Anyway, buffer overflows can happen if you sent
out frames at a higher rate than hardware can handle. Throttle your
transmission, at least once that error pops up.

But what is your desired transmission rate after all? Why not set up a
periodic transmission task, either waiting for timer events or on the
RTmac/TDMA cycle (if you use TDMA with RTnet)?


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