Jan Kiszka wrote:
> People, we have some new troubles:
> I'm reproducibly getting recursive faults on termination of cyclictest
> via ^C. It's all standard here: ipipe 1.8-02, Xenomai trunk #2469, no
> weird patches of mine.
> Something goes utterly wrong, the debugger currently points into
> xnshadow_relax->rpi_push, and there into some queuing operation. Note
> that I have XENO_OPT_SCALABLE_SCHED on in my config, also
> XENO_OPT_PRIOCPL. Without XENO_OPT_SCALABLE_SCHED, things seems to work
> find. Who did last work on this? What was fixed?

cyclictest termination is rather strange, to say the least. The first
SIGTERM terminates the application, the other SIGTERM never get sent,
pthread_join never get called. I would recommend replacing the SIGTERM,
join loop, with a pthread_cancel loop followed by a pthread_join loop
(running a loop with pthread_cancel followed by pthread_join may lead to

                                                 Gilles Chanteperdrix

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