Daniel Schnell wrote:
> Well, that may be related to the bug I am seeing when I am ending cyclictest 
> with Ctrl-C, Recursive kernel Ooops and this is on plain 2.3.1

2.3.1 is definitely affected by this bug as well, as it also gained the
prio-coupling rework. But you have to have SCALABLE_SCHED enabled.

I got it. It is - as usual - a trivial one-liner:

--- xenomai.orig/ksrc/nucleus/shadow.c
+++ xenomai/ksrc/nucleus/shadow.c
@@ -186,7 +186,7 @@ static inline void rpi_init(void)
 static inline void rpi_init_gk(struct __gatekeeper *gk)
-       sched_initpq(&gk->rpislot.threadq, xnqueue_down, XNCORE_NR_PRIO);
+       sched_initpq(&gk->rpislot.threadq, xnqueue_down, XNCORE_MAX_PRIO);
 static inline void rpi_none(xnthread_t *thread)

Happy weekend, =8)


PS: The maximum priority level has initialised to a wrong value, causing
threads with prio 0 to be placed out of the queue array.

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