> Does anyone have a Xenomai patch for the cirrus ep93xx processors?
> I understand it has an RTAI port, 
> but I'd prefer to stay on the Xenomai side if possible.

I have an implementation against a 2.6.15 kernel that I never posted
because it is still "rough around the edges".  But as time passed too
quickly it is very likely the best to post it and at least give you a
base to work against.

Unfortunately I have only the whole patch including i-pipe support
based on what was in svn xenomai revision r2056 (i.e. 5th January this
year) together with the ep93xx parts in one large patch.  But the
ep93xx parts should be easy to extract.

One thing that I did not finish was a correct demuxing of the
interrupts that got introduced somewhat around that timeframe in the
other ARM ports.  The code was compile-clean but not finished in this

I hope this helps

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