Jan Kiszka wrote:
> Markus Osterried wrote:
>> Sorry for being intrusive.
>> I've already done a quick and dirty bug fix, so final bug fix is not
>> urgent.
>> Just wanted to know about time schedule.
> At least 2.4 is near, but I guess another 2.3 release will follow as
> well (due to recently accumulated fixes). So the time is right to pick
> this up again.
> And although Philippe said he would fix this one on his own, this does
> not have to mean no one else would be able to provide an equivalent fix
> as well and he wouldn't be happy to save the otherwise required time... :)

Indeed. Quite frankly, the bug report is patiently pending in my queue,
so it was not lost, but I just had no time to address this seriously.
Have everything converge to roll out 2.4 drains much of my Xenomai time,
so I tend to put the non-critical issues on the back burner for now,
especially if they might break things in subtle ways.
Since there is a work around for this issue, and the final fix may make
it to any stable branch once 2.4 is out, I've postponed the latter.


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