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> kapilkumar.jain wrote:
>> Dear Mr. Jan Kiszka
>> Long before i have asked solution for Interrupt sharing problem between 
>> non real time & real time module,
>> as i have found it is difficult to disable the non real time.
>> I have found the solution by return RTDM_IRQ_NONE | XN_ISR_PROPAGATE. 
>> from the ISR.
> That's not a solution, it's a fragile workaround: Your RT device's IRQ
> may suffer from priority inversion when an IRQ event for the non-RT side
> is pending but cannot be handled timely (due to Linux stalling its IRQs
> or some low-prio RT thread is blocking Linux). Then succeeding IRQ
> events for the RT side will also have to wait until the non-RT side has
> completed its processing.
> Jan
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