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> I'll of course have to make my own tests, but I am curious - do folks
> expect that Xenomai/SOLO will be able to equal the interrupt performance
> of Xenomai/IPIPE?  I guess my intuition says that the IPIPE approach
> would guarantee better interrupt response, but maybe my intuition is
> completely wrong.  I'll try to post some results in a few weeks...

Well, interrupt performance is just one thing.  The  whole  real-time
behaviour  depends on the underlying OS. And frankly, what we've seen
so far means that PREEMPT_RT can deliver "probabilistic" real-time at
best. Take a test case that has been running fine  and  just  put  it
into  a  new environment (like attach it to a different network), and
it will behave differently. Just plug in a new USB device that hasn't
been tested before, and nobody can tell what will happen.

If it comes to  hard,  reliable  real-time  behaviour,  we  recommend
Xenomai/ipipe to all our customers. However, there are some who think
it  is  important  to have an "original, unpatched" source
tree. These obviously run for PREEMPT_RT, and SOLO.

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