Gilles Chanteperdrix wrote:
> Roland Stigge wrote:
>> Hi Gilles,
>> first - I'm sorry if you sometimes feel offended by my work on Xenomai 
>> in Debian. I understand that you are very much connected to your project 
>> and want to have it working perfectly everywhere.
>> Unfortunately, my time to work on this is limited and the last uploads 
>> were work in progress - to provide latest Xenomai in Debian. Further 
>> work on it was planned for this weekend.
>> But please also understand that Debian developers will possibly 
>> prioritize work on upstream packages where they feel their work is 
>> appreciated. So please think about your tone before sending email and 
>> driving people away from Xenomai.
> What matters for me is Xenomai users, not the Debian package maintainer.
> I am almost thinking that I would prefer Xenomai not having an
> "official" Debian package which has been shipping for monthes with buggy
> adeos patches and lagging behind upstream development.

Hey guys, this leads to nothing.

I agree with Gilles that a distro package that could appear to users
like it's as mature as upstream while it isn't does not help anyone. But
not all the work here is paid, and resources will remain limited. So
Roland's remark is valid as well that not everything can be done
instantly in The Perfect Way.

The only way to resolve this without killing the idea of ready-to-use
Xenomai package is to openly discuss the problems of both sides and try
to find optimal solutions. I also bet Roland would be happy about
patch-based discussions - just like we are for upstream. Just let the
discussion take place here on this list, in an objective manner, and
ideally before things may show up in releases etc.


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