Charlton, John wrote:
> I merged some changes from git://
for-upstream to my xenomai-2.5.1 release distribution
> to include the rt_cond_wait and pthread_cond_[timed]wait work
> arounds.
I also merged changes to the mutex_torture.c. Everything builds and most
tests seem to pass but I get the following output from the mutex-torture
> r...@mcs2:/usr/xenomai/bin# ./mutex-torture-native
> simple_wait
> recursive_wait
> timed_mutex
> FAILURE: timed_waiter, waited 3.870 us
> r...@mcs2:/usr/xenomai/bin# ./mutex-torture-posix
> simple_wait
> recursive_wait
> errorcheck_wait
> timed_mutex
> FAILURE: timed_mutex mutex_destroy: 22 (Invalid argument)
> Do you have suggestions on how to resolve these errors hopefully
> without moving to the full development branch?

Ok. I found and fixed this bug. It was a bug in the testcase. It would
really help us, however, if you could pull the full development branch,
and just give it a quick test to see if it fixes the current issue. It
is our hope that this development branch is close to what 2.5.2 will be.


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