Gilles Chanteperdrix wrote:
> Jan Kiszka wrote:
>> Take a step back and look at the root cause for this issue again. Unlocked
>>      if need-resched
>>              __xnpod_schedule
>> is inherently racy and will always be (not only for the remote
>> reschedule case BTW).
> Ok, let us examine what may happen with this code if we only set the
> XNRESCHED bit on the local cpu. First, other bits than XNRESCHED do not
> matter, because they can not change under our feet. So, we have two
> cases for this race:
> 1- we see the XNRESCHED bit, but it has been cleared once nklock is
> locked in __xnpod_schedule.
> 2- we do not see the XNRESCHED bit, but it get set right after we test it.
> 1 is not a problem.
> 2 is not a problem, because anything which sets the XNRESCHED (it may
> only be an interrupt in fact) bit will cause xnpod_schedule to be called
> right after that.
> So no, no race here provided that we only set the XNRESCHED bit on the
> local cpu.
>  So we either have to accept this and remove the
>> debugging check from the scheduler or push the check back to
>> __xnpod_schedule where it once came from. When this it cleaned up, we
>> can look into the remote resched protocol again.
> The problem of the debug check is that it checks whether the scheduler
> state is modified without the XNRESCHED bit being set. And this is the
> problem, because yes, in that case, we have a race: the scheduler state
> may be modified before the XNRESCHED bit is set by an IPI.
> If we want to fix the debug check, we have to have a special bit, on in
> the sched->status flag, only for the purpose of debugging. Or remove the
> debug check.


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