I ported the backfire tool in the OSADL site 
[https://www.osadl.org/backfire-4.backfire.0.html] to measure the user to/from 
kernel latency.I wanted to measure the difference between the RT_PREEMPT kernel 
and Xenomai Kernel. Surprisingly i see RT_PREEMPT performance better than 
Here are few points to note:
1. The thread priority of the "sendme" tool of backfire in RT_PREEMPT is 99 
2. I have made the thread priority 99 for the rt_task that i spawn [par of 
ported sendme]
ret = rt_task_shadow(&rt_task_desc, NULL, 99, 0);
My Questions:
* I wanted to know if any one has done such measurements using backfire and how 
dose Xenomai fair agnist RT_PREEMPT?
* is there any similar tool like backfire in the Xenomai tool set that dose the 
similar measurements?
* Do I need to do more Xenomai specific optimization in the "sendme" and 
"backfire" code to get better performance?
Thanks - Krishna 
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