Richard Cochran wrote:
> I have been trying to bring my IXP425 based system up to date, and I
> have found an apparent regression. Everything worked fine with ipipe
> 2.6.30 and Xenomai 2.4. With 2.6.31 an ipipe kernel still boots, but
> starting with 2.6.33 the trouble begins (see below).
> I see that Gilles refactored the TSC emulation starting with
> 2.6.33. I wonder whether this could be the cause?

What this modification does is that:
- there is only one clocksource, which is now xenomai tsc, with a very
high rating;
- the tsc read code is written in assembly, and copied in the vectors
page, the one at 0xffff0000.

I think the ixp is a 32 bits free-running counter with match register,
wich is a configuration I tested. So, I would tend to think that the
issue is rather in the clock_events implementation.


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