In ipipe_tsc_asm.S you have at the end of the file...

/* User-space entry-point: r0 is the hardware counter virtual address */
/* Little endian */


#else /* Big endian */
/* Little endian */
1: ldr    r1, .LCdec16_last_tsc + 4
   ldr    ip, [r0]
   ldr    r2, .Ldec16_Clast_cnt

Did you mean ".LCdec16_last_tsc" here?


   subs   ip, r2, ip
   addcs  ip, ip, #0x10000
   myldrd r2, r3, r3, .LCdec16_last_tsc
   cmp    r1, r3
   bne    1b
   adds   r1, ip, r3
   adc    r0, r2, #0
#endif /* Big endian */
       usr_ret       lr

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