On 2012-03-22 17:37, Roberto Bielli wrote:
> I explain better the problem.
> I want to use ethernet driver raw without using all the abstract layer 
> (tcp, socket etc....)
> and my xenomai application must link to the raw driver without enter in 
> secondary mode.
> Have i change the driver interface with xenomai calls (rtdm_......) or 
> is there another chance ?

Did you check if RTnet already has support for your NIC? Then you are
fine with a stack of rtnet.ko, rtpacket.ko, and <your-nic>.ko.

If not, there are two options
 - add an RTnet driver for you hardware
 - implement some home-brewed stack

The second option may only look different on first sight. But,
specifically if your application is not kernel-hosted but a proper
userspace app, RTnet provides quite a few useful building blocks for
your scenario.


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