>> retval = rtdm_task_init(&pwm_task[i], // there is currently only one
>> element in this array
>>                       "pwm-task",
>>                       pwm_task_proc,
>>                       0,
>>                       RTDM_TASK_HIGHEST_PRIORITY,
>>                       20000000); // 20ms period
> Do not use a thread, use a timer.

So you mean instead of starting periodic task with rtdm_task_init() it
is better use timer functions to trigger pin toggling piece of code?
Could you please elaborate on it a little? I thought that
rtdm_task_sleep() and rtdm_task_wait_period() are using timers
internally to wake up the thread at the right moment. Is not they?

Is not it a kind of work-around you suggesting? If there are some
problems which led to the imprecise timing of the sleep/wait functions
mentioned above, then, if technically possible, it would be better to
fix them instead of working around this behavior.

Anyway, I am really appreciate your help and will try to rewrite this
functionality using timer functions.

Thank you very much,

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