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 >> Hello,
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 >>  >On 2018-04-03 16:10, Lange Norbert wrote:
 >>  >> Hello,
 >>  >>
 >>  >> I went ahead and created a script to add support for Xenomai (3+)
 >>  >> to CMake.
 >>  >Its currently sufficient for me,
 >>  >> but I would like to get this in a shape that it is useful and
 >>  >> robust enough for
 >>  >most people.
 >>  >> Ultimately it should end up up streamed to CMake (I hope the
 >>  >> binutils-specific
 >>  >wrappers aren't a knock-out against adoption).
 >>  >>
 >>  >> Mostly this should interest people that want to use CMake, but a
 >>  >> few things
 >>  >might need support from the Xenomai distribution.
 >>  >> To be more specific: using precompiled object-files like the
 >>  >> boostrap code
 >>  >and its linker wraps and redirections are something I would
 >>  >> like to avoid, or atleast offer an alternative that does not need
 >>  >> that much
 >>  >work outside of a "regular build".
 >>  >> For that, having the bootstrap code (configurable or a few
 >>  >> variants) installed
 >>  >as sourcecode would help.
 >>  >>
 >>  >> Code is uploaded to Github :
 >>  >> https://github.com/nolange/cmake_xenomai
 >>  >
 >>  >Thanks for sharing this. IIRC, we have some Xeommai user in-house as
 >>  >well who looked into cmake, need to check the status and scope again
 >>  >(maybe Henning knows more). Could be interesting, indeed.
 >> If I may ask, are you using the "boostraps" from Xenomai or some own
 >> init-code? (that’s currently the biggest headache remaining)
 >No, i do not know anyone using CMake with Xenomai, so i would not know
 >how to deal with bootstrap there.

This question was not limited to CMake, but I am curious whether the bootstrap 
from the tools shipping with Xenomai is popular outside of it.

 >>  >
 >>  >For my understanding: You need cmake upstream changes to make things
 >>  >work? Or is this project something that could eventually be carried
 >>  >in Xenomai upstream, just requiring some cmake version >= X?
 >> No strict need to upstream the scripts in either Xenomai or CMake,
 >> the files just need to be in the search-path of CMake to be usable
 >> (likely doesnt need anything newer than CMake 3.0 but would need to
 >> test this). I value the feedback from both communities, particularly
 >> because I don’t use anything but the Posix/Cobalt Skin and getting it
 >> into CMake would be the best thing for maintenance.
 >It would probably be a good idea to try and mainline it in one of the
 >two projects. And my guess is that CMake would not really fit and they
 >might not want such code.

Well, there are multiple Linux-only modules already (FindLTTngUST, FindX11),
aswell as "non-OS" compilers like IAR.
I doubt they would be happy if I add some bootstrap code for Xenomai though.


 >> Nevertheless it could be really helpful to add a headerfile in the
 >> Xenomai distribution, replicating the steps that
 >> 'boilerplate/init/bootstrap.c' does, and allowing to disable parts of
 >> the functionality like the main wrapper. That glue code would ideally
 >> be built together with libraries/executables using it (identical
 >> flags and such). Right now the code is mostly duplicated and placed
 >> with the CMake Scripts, which is not ideal.
 >I did not fully understand the bootstrap with regard to cmake yet. But
 >the magic wrapping is not pretty, also in other regards. So patches
 >that improve that, while actually targeting something like CMake, would
 >be welcome.

There is no bootstrap with CMake yet, and I am unsure whether the current
method should be supported at all.
The cost of adding the bootstrap code to a *new* project is low, and even lower
If this would be distributed as header with Xenomai (Again that would not be 
limited to CMake). You of course
lose the ability to compile sources as-is (which I believe was the motivation)

My plan would be to allow applications/libraries an easy way of creating their 
own bootstrap code.
2 variants of this:

// do more than just fetching the Xenomai-releated arguments
// (like handling --help)
#include <xenomai/bootstrap-template.h>

#include <xenomai/bootstrap-template.h>

(That would obviously need the xenomai/bootstrap-template.h in Xenomai)

 >Now regarding CMake itself. Is not one of its main purposes to be
 >platform independant, that does not seem to be too useful for Xenomai.
 >And there is a zoo of such build systems out there, what about bazel,
 >scons, rake ... ? So i guess i am against adding support for any such
 >thing to xenomai, especially if its OS abstractions do not match --
 >like it seems to be the case for CMake.

You look at it from the wrong side, your (sub-)project is platform independent,
Xenomai is just one possible target. This transitively works throughout possibly
dependencies - they won't care what platform they are compiled for.

With CMake you can have one application (or its *parts*) developed on/for:
-   Xenomai (Production)
-   Linux (Verification, Unittests)
-   Windows (please don't ask)

And most IDEs support CMake nowadays (detecting include paths + settings, 
build, etc).

This started as a need to use a flexible build-system,
it ended up being CMake, and it already suffices for our needs.
As a sidenote, it started with building ARM Cortex Firmwares on gcc and IAR,
and software-modules from those projects could now be used as they are
with Xenomai projects.

Google for "FindXenomai" to see that I am hardy the only one with that need.
What I would like is to have a proper solution for Xenomai, and my way of doing 
is to get criticized from people-in-the-know.

 > , what about bazel, scons, rake ... ?

Dunno, not my interest, not my intent to solve every problem in the world.
Adding proper CMake support in a proper place (be it Xenomai or CMake) instead
of using the twentieth home-cooked solution is what I am interested in.



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