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+1 to this enhancement.

The exact size would be useful also in directory properties dialog,
e.g. for quick check when synchronizing directories, when updating
a backup copy on a flashdisk. The human readable value is rounded
and not very useful in this regard.

Attached is a proposed patch (only) for the properties dialog. The patch is
"quick and dirty", just to show what I have on mind.

Looking at g_format_size_full function's GFormatSizeFlags

the G_FORMAT_SIZE_LONG_FORMAT is basically what I would like to see in
the properties dialog - and, also, in the status line.


1) the "LONG_FORMAT" is only with decimal units, there is no long format with
units (KiB MiB and the like, "file size in binary format")

2) Returning to the original request comment #1, there is no GFormatSizeFlags
to get e.g. "1,024,580" output.

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