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Thanks for the patch ! And sorry for letting you wait that long !

Generally I am ok with adding the option to show file sizes in bytes.

I did not try the patch so far, however from checking the screenshots, it looks
like there are a conceptual problems:

- The "Display" preferences are general. So changing something there, I would
assume to change it everywhere. ( E.g. as well on the file-size fore
right-click-->properties ). So we need to as well change the displayed
file-size there.

- Like in bug 12858, the raw size-value should be prefixed with "bytes"

- Like in bug 12858, I would rather add the "size in byte"-string to the
existing size string, than replacing it. My assumption is, that even if a user
is interested in the bytesize for specific files, for most files still the
human readable value will be of more interest.

- Considering that, I would suggest to rename the configuration to something
"additionally show exact file size in bytes"

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