--- Comment #9 from Adam Purkrt <> ---
Oh my, I forgot I made this patch.

I think for the properties dialog, the current state (after fixing bug 12858)
i.e. always show exact size in bytes in properties dialog in addition to human
readable value is fine. Adding an extra option for that would feel superfluous.
There is plenty of space on "properties" anyway, and if one open the dialog (an
extra step), it should always show as much info as possible.

The reason why the patch only shows numbers without "bytes" (let alone adding
it to it) in the file listing is to save horizontal space. The number is long
in itself (usually, with GB sized files), and repeating "bytes" wastes space.
The title of the column probably ought change, in that case, from "size" to
"size (bytes)" to make it clear what does the number say.

The patch here also added (iirc) showing the exact size in status line. E.g.

"aclocal.m4" (439.3 kB) M4 macro

would become

"aclocal.m4" (439.3 kB (493,308 bytes)) M4 macro

I did not like the double parentheses much, was contemplating it would be
better to just show "(493,308 bytes)" and not "(439.3 kB (493,308 bytes))", but
for that, one cannot use g_format_size_full function.

All in all, probably time to update the patch.

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