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(In reply to alexxcons from comment #10)
> > There is plenty of space on "properties" anyway, and if one open the dialog 
> > (an extra step), it should always show as much info as possible.
> I disagree. There is a ton of additional info we could display there. IMO
> file managers need to display the most important parts to dont mess the GUI
> too much.

I am too against clutter, but the exact size is imo important enough, to be
always displayed in properties. As I have written, I am quite happy with the
current state of the properties dialog (now, after fixing bug 12858).

> I am sure that there will be users which dont like the additional
> "noise". Same for the status bar.

The status bar is different from the properties dialog, imo. The space is in
tight supply here. Displaying exact size in status bar should be configurable.

> If a user is in need to see the exact size in bytes, he/she will quickly
> discover the configuration option.

> > The title of the column probably ought change, in that case, from "size" to 
> > "size (bytes)" to make it clear what does the number say.
> Than IMO it would be better to just add a new column in View-->Configure
> Columns... 
> Like that there is still the option to have "size in byte" and "size human
> readable" at the same time.

Good idea!

> > The patch here also added (iirc) showing the exact size in status line. E.g.
> Ah, I did not recognize that.  The bar provides sufficient space to display
> both in a good way. E.g:
> "aclocal.m4" - 439.3 kB (493,308 bytes) - M4 macro
> I dont know what is the best way in terms of implementation. But even if
> it's harder to implement, IMO we should go for the best possible outcome.

This should not be too complicated.

I will try to work on this.

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