Hello Eadthem, Davide and List,

I agree that a "thumbs up" from Davide Libenzi would be a very good starting 
point... so: Davide, what do you think?

Undefined behaviour testing is a good idea and fuzzing would be made easier if 
we had a suite for another mailserver to base it on, do you have experience in 
this area?

As for bugs:

* There may be some here http://xmailforum.marketmix.com/ it is rather quiet 
now but was an active forum at one time.
* If we were to place this code in github we could track issues.

There is a wish list, a TODO file in the distribution IIRC. I am aware of a 
minor issue regarding line endings when writing mail to file, I have looked at 
this locally but since development has stalled and it is not a big concern I 
did nothing more.

Kind regards,


On Sunday, 31 December 2017, 7:32, ead <pada...@gmail.com> wrote:

At the moment ive started toying with the source some. 

I am still torn between working on xmail vs switching to a different mail 

My thoughts so far.
* My first concern with no active development is, Are there any security issues 
* I haven't found any in the wild exploits against the current release of 
** Doesn't mean it Doesn't exist.
* I have no experience with any other mail server.

* I don't have time to do a ton of matinance support on my own for a mail server
* I have no windows machines to test with (YAY !?)

Things i would want to do if taking this on would be..
* Get some sort of thumbs up or feedback from Davide Libenzi.
* Recompile for testing with asan + ubsan + tsan. As they can spot a lot of 
potential security issues. (Not aware of any myself)
* Conduct fuzzing testing.
* Change the server setup to run as an unprivileged user by default / with ease.
* Look for current bug reports,  as at the moment, I know of none.

So my first question is,   is there even a wish list?  or any known security or 
bug issues to be dealt with?

I am interested in feedback on this stuff.

I would keep any security issues confidential until a patching method was 
available and merely state if i knew of one.
I do not at this time know of any.


On Thu, Dec 28, 2017 at 8:23 AM, Ben Green via xmail <xmail@xmailserver.org> 

Hello Ead,
>I have been using xmailserver for quite a long time I have only one server 
>running but I am familiar with the code and would like to see a stronger 
>community behind the project. There is a copy of v1.26 and some changes that 
>someone cloned to Github: https://github.com/GerHobbelt/ xmail
>I would like to help and would suggest that we start by taking the 1.27 source 
>and seeing if there were any changes that GerHobbelt made that should be 
>included and put the resulting code into a new repo on github.
>I am happy to undertake this first small bit of work this weekend... what do 
>you think? is anyone else interested in helping maintain the code?
>Kind regards,
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