First, I would start away from cutting edge, I.e., version 17.x. Start with LTS 
versions unless you want to possibly get bloody running bleeding edge.

Since you have SSDs, dual boot. They are so fast that rebooting is livable 
unless you do it very frequently. Put the OSes on the SSD. If you need to share 
some files between Linux and Windows, create a fat32 partition for them. This 
works well for me on I5 desktop and an I7 laptop. FWIW, VMs emulate some things 
rather than giving direct address to hardware, important for, e.g., graphics.

If you go this route, I can send my write-up on inhaling dual boot on a UEFI PC 
- just ask.

-- Roger B.

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Subject: [xubuntu-users] Xubuntu 17.10.1 for Virtualbox to run Windows10

It is recommended to run windows 10 in Virtualbox under Xubuntu 17.10 

Virtualbox or VMWare?

I have a brand new gaming pc not for gaming, just for having a nice silent and 
fast running computer. with i7 processor 32GB ram and 256 GB SSD + 3TB hdd.

What are the bottlenecks where I should look for before installing a fresh new 
installation of Xubuntu 17.10


Paul L.J.

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