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awesome! Great work!

On 17.02.20 01:54, Lasse Collin wrote:
>>> Is there a need for liblzma-only CMake support outside Windows?
>> I guess one main usage would be in the cases where another project
>> uses CMake and pulls liblzma as a dependency and builds it in
>> situations where a system provided liblzma is not available. It would
>> be easier for those people to just use external_project without a lot
>> of configuration with native CMake support instead of worrying about
>> if bash or sh is available for configure
> Makes sense. Even if Windows might be the only CMake-supported OS that
> lacks the capability to easily run configure, it's much simpler to stay
> within the same build system type. Perhaps this can be considered
> later.

I think the conan community also enjoyes cmake because it integrates
very well. So, since this CMakeLists.txt is quite well developed its
not unlikely that more people looking mostly for liblzma will try to
switch to cmake.

Are you still considering this mostly for MSVC? If so, it may be
helpful to add an explicit check, to avoid people trying to track
down problems of missing 'config.h'. But if more platforms could
qualify it would certainly be appreciated! Maybe some of the major
platforms like Linux and macOS?

Anything I can do to help?

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